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Is Your Medical Card Expired?
Or is it getting close to that time again? You need to get it done but don't know where to go and don't want to wait.  We know how valuable your time is and offer fast and convenient service.  You may make an appointment or walk in during office hours. 
Dr. Debra Eggleston, D.C. has been practicing since 1995.  In 2004, she started practicing in a clinic located in a truck stop in the Denver area.  In the beginning of 2008, Dr. Eggleston opened her clinic In the Denver area, north of the TA Truck stop in Commerce City, Colorado, where it is currently located.  She has performed thousands of DOT physicals, as well as drug and alcohol testing and remains current with the changing regulations. 
We offer:
  • DOT Physicals - $80
  • DOT Drug Testing - $40
  • DOT Drug Test Collection - $20
  • DOT Breath Alcohol Testing - $30
  • Chiropractic Care -$30
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